V2 – The first ASIC farm management tool fully accessible from everywhere

BMiner is proud to release today a brand new version of its farm management software. Dedicated to ASIC farms, it offers a unique way to monitor the farm, do efficient pool switching to optimize profits and manage the assets in a single centralized place, accessible from everywhere.

The brand new redesigned web interface allows you to do all your operations from your cell phone or your tablet as well as on a PC.

Its unique approach to farm monitoring thru looking for outliers instead a complex rule system allow instant configuration with no human intervention.

Users can effectively monitor and manage the mining of Bitcoin, Dash, Digibyte, Ethereum, Litecoin, and numerous other digital currencies.
With its devFee approach instead of traditional lifetime license, it allows you to have access to unlimited features while staying fully anonymous while supporting the dev team fairly.



Who is Behind BMiner?

BMiner was created in 2017, and is a Canadian, proud North-American company, owned by miners who wanted to offer real control on cryptomining and tracking of assets.

Our goal is not only to provide the usual monitoring and the best profit switching system, but also to offer real clear and simple tracking of the assets.
We also recognize that investing hundreds of dollars to try & use a software can be a risky and discouraging operation. BMiner is the first software of its type to offer a devFee approach.

BMiner Offer & Features

BMiner is a powerful application that is designed for ASIC Miners (understand… Antminers by Bitmain). With ASIC being now able to mine even #Equihash-based cryptocurrencies we think this is the way to go, and it allows us to keep the application simple, avoiding just yet another labyrinthine system.


BMiner is monitoring your farm, for you. Notifications will be sent to you automatically would a miner have an unusual behavior, and Guided Recommendations are sent to you by email if you are not maximizing your earning potential.

Better, BMiner car automate for you the reboot of the machines based on simple, pre-canned rules. No long complicated setup, we do it all for you. We are looking for outliers, and you can do it too, visually thru a unique 3D approach that shows instantaneously which machines are less efficient.



Profitability/Auto pool Switching

Used to be the most requested feature (now surpassed by profit tracking, see below 😉 ), profitability switching ensure that you are using your mining farm at its full potential.
Not only does BMiner tracks some coin for you, but it automatically compare multiple multi-pools like Nicehash, AHashPool, Block Munch, Hash Refinery, Mining Dutch, Mining Pool Hub, YiiMP.eu, Zergpool and Zpool.ca. This gives you an easy access to hundreds of coins with no effort.
By using a system like this you’ll increase your profits easily. Early customers have reported a profitability increase up to 35%, with most of them being over 15%!

Pool Management

BMiner allows you to add an unlimited number of pools, with an unlimited number of Algorythm, including but not limited to SHA-256, X11, Scrypt, Cryptonight, Quark, Zcash and Ethereum.
In two clicks you can change all your miners to a more profitable pool, or let BMiner do it for you in near real time mode, all this with no reboot of the miners.

Profit Tracking

Multi-currency mining quickly leads to owning many different assets, which creates management challenges. BMiner offer you a unique, unprecedented solution by connecting to all your pools, exchanges and wallets to collect information about your assets amounts and values. This data is then available in a unique central place and allow you to make all the data analysis you need.
In one simple click, you’ll be able to understand the daily variations of your portfolio. What came from mining, what came from asset value variations.
You can easily see what assets you have, and where it is located.
Your data is yours“: with BMiner all your historical data is stored in an open database, and you have full access to it, which means that you can dig using your own tools, or Excel, or any data mining software like Microsoft Business Intelligence tools or any other.


BMiner is providing a unique innovation in its licensing model. You can of course buy a traditional lifetime license, or use the free license (limited to 2 miners).

But you can also install the application for free, and pay a devFee of 1%. This means that your miners will be working 15 minutes a day to finance the developers of the application so they can bring great new features in 2018. The current effort done around artificial intelligence for monitoring and profitability switching is already showing some very promising results, and the devFee will allow to feed the programmers with more pizza & coke to keep the development pace incredibly fast!

Since the expected increase in profitability is way more than 1%, this software will pay for itself. To activate the “devFee” mode and have the ability to monitor an unlimited number of miners, ensure that at least 50% of your monitored miners are “priviledged


Optimized for ASIC machines, this software gives you a full unique view on your mining operations. Not only does it monitor your farm and maximize your revenues, it gives you a unique view on your assets and a better understanding of your daily profitabilty.
With its devFee approach, this application will pay for itself, allows you to stay fully anonymous, and to try this application at no risk.

Therefore we see no reason for you not to give BMiner a shot.

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