V2.2 is released !

  • You can now configure the dev fee between 0 and 10%
  • Yes devfee can be set to 0 legally, which entitle you to use the product for free up to 99 computers. If you love the product, please set the devfee to at least 1% so the company can survive 😀
  • Added ssh reboot. SSH reboot requires login/password of the machine but is more robust than the classic restart. Rarely needed but extremely efficient if the server is in serious trouble
  • Added Last Share Time in the web interface. We recently noted that some online services (namely zergpool) were having issues with answering fast to S9 in particular, leading to enormous LSTime. Since BMiner send you a notification when LSTime is over 8 minutes, it was important to display that info.
  • Do not show any more the status column (in the status web page) on cell phones. Was taking space for nothing since there is a visual indicator if a miner is not performing normally.
  • Performance notification email has been improved to include pertinent information.
  • Fixed minor bugs

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