February 28, 2018

BMiner Unveils “BMiner Farm Management Software” – A Revolutionary Platform that Reshapes the Future of Small Miners Farm Management

BMiner today unveiled its first farm management software. Combining years of global domain expertise in Cryptocurrencies with the latest computing technology, BMiner is redefining the future of small farm management.
From monitoring the servers, to tracking profitability, this new product is there to help you drive better business outcomes from your farm.

We are proud to announce that our first software, designed by real miners for real miners is almost ready.

The product is feature complete, and test complete. We are currently working on the licensing model and deployment tools.

It has been designed essentially for people owning a farm of AntMiners (of cgminer based), from 1 to 100 miners.

Key features:

  • Easy, automatic and efficient monitoring of your farm 24/7
  • Email notifications of issues
  • Autorestart: If one of your miner is not mining “as usual” the system will restart it for you, 24/7
  • Fast restart: Manually restart your miner in just two clicks
  • Auto follow best 24h: Automatically switch your miner to the best coin based on whattomine.com last 24h results
  • Guided Recommendation: Send you alerts to recommend more profitable coins to mine
  • One click to change the pool of a miner, with no restart time
  • One click to change ALL your miners of the same algorythm (like SHA-256 as an example) to a new pool
  • Auto-Track profitability
  • Integration with Antpool, Binance, Bittrex, Cryptopia, Kraken, NiceHash, Poloniex, QuadrigaCX and ViabBTC (more to come), so to track revenues
  • Webserver: Get live status of your farm from anywhere including your phone thru the web interface.
  • Open database. Easily connect Excel to the database and make your own analysis
  • Peace of mind. Let the application manage your farm and get more time to trade 😀

Beta testers

We are looking for beta testers. If you have a farm, from 1 to 100 Antminers and are looking to ease your operations, contact us. You’ll have a free version of the software in exchange of your comments. This is a unique opportunity to influence a brand new product in the right direction…your direction!

Supporting Quotes

  • Bruno Miquet, chief happiness officer, BMiner
    “BMiner Farm Management Software reshapes the relationship between you and your farm. It automatically monitor your servers, track your profitability, so you can concentrate on trading and optimizing your revenues. Technology is changing the future of money, and BMiner is changing the future of small farms profitability”.

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