March 28, 2018


BMiner licences are lifetime licenses and includes free upgrades for all versions except plant edition.
We are reserving the right to limit the number of computers you can deploy the application on, with a minimum of 5 per license. We can reset that count for you anytime if needed.

The devFee edition will reconfigure your miners to mine for us 1% of the time (15 minutes a day). This can probably easily be hacked but we hope that the community if fair enough to recognize the effort and complexity required to do such a product. Its a nice and cheap way to try an unlimited version of the product. If you have a large mining operation, its probably more efficient to buy the product. For large mining farms, please contact us for a special early adopter VIP treatment.



dev fee

Our most valuable package!

Free edition


Home Edition

$ 30

Loft Edition

$ 80

Industrial Edition

$ 160

Warehouse Edition

$ 320

Plant Edition

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Maximum number of miners
BMiner is designed specifically to monitor antminers or system running bmminer or cgminer.
99 2 5 10 20 40 Unlimited
Pools are essential to let you use the optimal cryptocurrency at the right moment, by yourself, or in an automated fashion
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mining monitoring and management
Automatic monitoring of the miners, with automatic reboot as needed
Product support via ticketing system Best effort 15 days* 180 days 180 days 180 days 180 days 180 days
Notifications by email
Get notified when a miner is having issues, or if we have special guided recommendations to increase your profits.
Built-in Web Server
A very simple web server allow you to monitor your miners and track your profits while away from your computer.
Antminer management
Configure automatically your miners to give API access, and switch pool for all miners of the same algorithm or reboot a computer in just 2 clicks.
Wallet aggregator
Finally have some data analysis easily available. Aggregate all your wallets, exchange sites and pools in one place to see how you are doing in real time.
Unlimited  3 entries max.  25 entries max. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Excel analyzor
Directly connected on the database, dig your data for very fine analysis of your profitability. Data is finally yours.
Coming soon, free! Coming soon, free! Coming soon, free!

We are currently implementing this software in farms going from 2 to 600 miners each, in North America…