March 17, 2018


API KEYS, are they safe?

Q: How do I know BMiner is being transparent with me about usage of my API Keys?

A: BMiner is an incorporated business in Quebec, Canada (“Oui, nous parlons Francais 😉 “) and been known as a reputable business since 2017. With a minimum effort you can validate on the web that we are a legitimate company. We pay tax in North America, and are easy to track…


Q: How and where are the API Keys used?

A: API Keys are stored in your local MySQL database and are NEVER sent to our servers. The private keys are stored encrypted using AES_ENCRYPT (256 bits). Private Key are used to sign the messages sent to the pool & exchanges servers to collect informations about your balance, and never leave your computer.


Q: Could your application use these API Keys to stole my coins?

A: We are a reputable business and would not use keys maliciously. This said we encourage customers to be extremely cautious considering the nature of cryptocurrencies. To help you be safe, each time you enter an API in the application, we guide you to ensure that you only create read only API Keys. BMiner does not need more than a simple read-only API Key to collect your balances in real time. Note that some rare exchanges do not provide a strict read only API and we don’t recommend them. This said none of them, as far as we know, allow withdrawing thru APIs without an explicit action on your end. Finally we are pro-active and each time we discover an exchange or a pool site which does not provide a true read-only API, we do contact the owners and suggest them to consider this as a high priority.


Q: Why isn't your code open source?

A: While we love, contribute and encourage open source, we are an incorporated company and hope to develop enough to be able to grow and create jobs around the cryptocurrency industry. Software is an asset of the corporation and can not be freely given to competition.



Q: I am unable to get the dev fee version, and I am stuck with a 'free' version that limites me to only 2!

A: To be able to run your miners and collect a 1% devfee, we need your miners to be ‘priviledged’. To do so go in “setup” and click on “Antminer API Access…”. More info here…  As soon as your miners will be priviledged you’ll have access to the full power of the application like auto following of the best current coin, or auto follow the best coin of the past 24 hours without any effort. This will increase your profit by way more than 1%…
You’ll also have access to manual functions like changing pool, rebooting, … in just a few clicks. A restart of the application may be needed the first time you had your miners modified to be ‘priviledged’.


Q: I don't like paying a reccuring dev fees, can I buy a license?

A: Absolutely! Just click on “shop” at the top of this screen. You can review the various licenses here…


Q: How does devFee works?

A: 15 minutes a day (or 1% of the time) we change the active pool of your miners to mine for us. The money generated this way is allowing us to feed the developers with pizza and coke, so they can deliver to you an even better product regularely


Q: I've found on the web a way to bypass your devFee. Is it safe?

A: Probably! But if you don’t buy a license or pay a devFee, we may quickly have no more pizza and coke for our developers and this product may simply disappear. If that product is useful for you, please be fair and support us.


Q: I can't get the webserver to start! Help!

A: To start the webserver you need to:

  • Go in Setup
  • Click on “Webserver”
  • Press Enable Web Server Button
  • Select a free port number (34567 as an example)
  • Press OK, close the application
  • Start the application and RUN AS AN ADMINISTRATOR.
    This is a windows limitation that we are working to overcome but for now it is what it is 🙁
  • Note that the API is working on the same port

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