September 3, 2018


Authentication allows you to create as many users as you want, and to define what role each user will be allowed to play.

To configure Authentication, you need to go on the setup page OF THE SERVER.

1/ In the Authentication section, you can independently turn on authentication for the web interface, and for the API.

2/ To create users, click on Manage Users

3/ For each user you can specify the following specific rights:

  • Change pool: Allows a user to change, from the web interface (status page), the pool currently being used to mine
  • Reboot servers: Allow a user to … reboot miners from the web interface (status page)
  • Configure Auto pool switching: Allow access to all the sub menus under the “Auto pool Switching” section in the web interface
  • Modify setup: Allow access to all the sub menus under the “Setup” section in the web interface

4/ Password are MD5 encrypted, therefore it is impossible to recover it. To update a password, just edit the user and type the new password. If you do not want to change the password but some settings, just let the password field empty.


API Security

If BMiner has been configured with “Use Authentication for API” on, then every request will require a valid API key. The key is automatically created while the user is created (see above picture). The key must be passed as a parameter to every single request like this (example):

GET http://bminerserver:17790/api/getstatus?key=077668976810116