April 29, 2018

Pool setup

In order to help you setup your pools, we’ve listed here some working examples.

They may not be valid for you, please check each pool documentation to do the appropriate setup, but as nothing is better than examples…here they are šŸ˜€

Pool URL Worker Password Algorythm Money Add difficulty Do not add computer name Add worker name in password
Chainworksindustries stratum+tcp://pool.chainworksindustries.com:1202 Ā login name x X11 INFX
ViaBTC stratum+tcp://bch.viabtc.com:3333 login name x SHA-256 BCH
BTC.COM stratum+tcp://us.ss.btc.com:1800 login name x SHA-256 BTC
ViaBTC stratum+tcp://btc.viabtc.com:3333 login name x SHA-256 BTC
ViaBTC stratum+tcp://dash.viabtc.com:3333 login name x X11 Dash
Suprnova stratum+tcp://emc2.suprnova.cc:3365 login name x Scrypt EMC2
Ezpool stratum+tcp://eu.ezpool.net:5577 Wallet address x X11 CANN
MiningPoolHub stratum+tcp://hub.miningpoolhub.com:20523 login name x Scrypt XVG
Ecoining stratum+tcp://peercoin.ecoining.com:3336 login name x SHA-256 PPC
Multipool.us stratum+tcp://us.multipool.us:3339 login name x Scrypt NLG
TheBlocksFactory stratum+tcp://s1.theblocksfactory.com:9001 login name x SHA-256 DGB
TheBlocksFactory stratum+tcp://s1.theblocksfactory.com:9004 login name x Scrypt DGB
TheCoin stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3540 login name x SHA-256 PPC
TheCoin stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3740 login name x SHA-256 UNIT
ViaBTC stratum+tcp://ltc.viabtc.com:3333 login name x Scrypt LTC
NiceHash stratum+tcp://x11.usa.nicehash.com:3336 Bitcoin Address x X11 NICEHASH
NiceHash stratum+tcp://scrypt.usa.nicehash.com:3333 Bitcoin Address x Scrypt NICEHASH
NiceHash stratum+tcp://sha256.usa.nicehash.com:3334 Bitcoin Address x SHA-256 NICEHASH
Zergpool stratum+tcp://mine.zergpool.com:3433 Bitcoin Address c=BTC Scrypt Zergpool
Multipool.US stratum+tcp://us.multipool.us:3343 login name x SHA-256 AUR
Ezpool stratum+tcp://eu.ezpool.net:6635 XMCC Address x X11 XMCC
*Prohashing configuration can vary a lot, please refer to prohashing documentation
stratum+tcp://prohashing.com:3333 login name a=sha-256 SHA-256 BCH n=
ZPOOL stratum+tcp://sha256.mine.zpool.ca:3333#xnsub Bitcoin Address c=BTC SHA-256 ZPool
ZPOOL stratum+tcp://x11.mine.zpool.ca:3533#xnsub Bitcoin Address c=BTC X11 ZPool
ZPOOL stratum+tcp://scrypt.mine.zpool.ca:3433#xnsub Bitcoin Address c=BTC Scrypt ZPool
Mining Dutch stratum+tcp://scrypt.mining-dutch.nl:7777 login name d=65536 Scrypt MiningDutch
securepayment.cc stratum+tcp://universalcurrency.securepayment.cc:3377 UNIT Address x SHA-256 UNIT
Blockmunch stratum+tcp://blockmasters.co:3333 Bitcoin Address c=BTC SHA-256 BlockMunch
Blockmunch stratum+tcp://blockmasters.co:3433 Bitcoin Address c=BTC Scrypt BlockMunch
Blockmunch stratum+tcp://blockmasters.co:3533 Bitcoin Address c=BTC X11 BlockMunch