April 30, 2018

Asset Management Setup

In order to track your profits, BMiner connects regularely to all the exchanges and pools you are using and collect your balances.
This gives you a unique global and real time view of your cryptocurrency portfolio.

You can add an unlimited number of exchanges and pools. We recognize that you may have multiple accounts with one exchange so there are no limitations at all.

Each exchange or pool has a different security protocol (some are generic like YiiMP and MPOS pools) so we are continuing to add quickly new plaform.

To see what exchanges and pools are implemented today, visit this page.

All your API keys are stored locally on your computer and are never sent in any way to BMiner Technologies inc.

Private Keys are stored encrypted using AES encryption in 256 bits in your local database. Additionaly, we are strongly encouraging you to only use read only API keys since we are only looking for your balance, but never do operations that can affect your portfolio.