April 30, 2018

Setup Page

The setup pages are the heart of the application and will allow you to configure BMiner to your needs.

  1. Miner Setup

    Typically the IP address  of your machine
    Needed for auto pool switching.
    GH5s < GS Avg
    Number of seconds before an notification is sent in case the miner is operating at less than its average hashrate. Default is 180 seconds
    Miner Down
    Number of seconds before an notification is sent in case BMiner is not able to communicate with the miner. Default is 120 seconds
  2. POOL Setup

    Easily create your pools. It’s been designed to be as simple as possible, but also to give you full flexibility to support all possible pools.

    Add difficulty to worker name
    Some pools allow you to set manually the difficulty.
    If this is your need (usually not needed), configure the complexity field in each miner and check that option.

    “Do NOT add computer name after worker name”
    Most of the time your worker name is followed by a dot, and the name of the miner. Some pools will NOT work if you do this, so in these rare cases, check that option.

    Add worker name in password
    ProHashing and maybe others ask the worker name to be added to the password instead of the worker name.

    Please refer to this page to see configuration examples.

  3. Options

    Auto Restart miners
    No complex setup, no rules to organize, we take care of everything for you. If one of your miners is having some trouble, we will restart it and then send you a notification if desired.Refresh miner status every (sec)
    Allow you to set the frequency used to refresh data on the main page. Default is 30 seconds

    Dev fee (%)
    BMiner is free. Our only revenue is thru dev fee. 15 minutes a day per percentage point selected here, bminer will switch your miners to mine using our pool, so to generate revenue for the developers working on BMiner.
    You can set a value between 0 and 10%. Default is 1%.

  4. Email

    Notifications are sent by email. Most
    SMTP servers are supported, including GMail.To configure GMail:
    SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com
    Port: 465
    Connection type: SSL/TLS
    Set Use authentication to on
    Enter your credentials


  5. Priviledged access

    In order to “drive” a miner, BMiner is connecting to the Cgminer/Bmminer API running on the miner. By default, Antminer has the API enabled, but the API is running in Restricted mode.

    To get full access to the API, Privileged mode must be configured.
    It allows the application to collect data but also to make active operations like reboot or changing the pool automatically.

    This screen allow you to do this massively and efficiently, thru SSH. Your login and miner password are required in order to modify the miner configuration.

    Note that priviledged miner are displayed in GREEN on the main page of BMiner application.

  6. WebServer

    Webserver port
    Since BMiner is a web-app, you need to configure the webserver port so to be able to access the interface.
    In case you would be confused about the client URL, go to the main page and press the “Open client interface in Browser” button

    API port
    BMiner offers you a free API. You can select a specific port for API requests here.


  7. Licenses

    Allow you to register your license and have full access with no dev fees.

  8. Font Size

    Allow you to select the interface font size. Based on our experience a font between 7 & 9 should provide the best comfort.