BMiner DevFee edition v 2.5

Great version for people running a farm of less than 100 miners and who want to use the product, unlimited, while supporting the dev team.
If you love the product you can get rid of the devFee and buy it with a lifetime license.

Be fair with our team, they need pizza and coke to survive!

You can configure the devFee between 0 (yes, 0 is legal now), and 10%. A devfee between 1 and 3% would be fair.

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This version allow you to configure up to 99 Antminers for monitoring, and an unlimited number of entries in the profitability management section of the product.
It allows you to aggregate all the information coming from pools, wallets, or exchanges and have a global view of your profits, almost in real time.

It gives you unlimited and lifetime access to machines monitoring, email notifications, and SSH fast management of the machines almost for free.

You can configure Dev Fee between 0 and 10%. Yes 0 is legal, but we if you like the product, please be fair, and set the devfee to at least 1%.

To be valid you must set your miners as “privileged”, which anyway you need to do so we can do automatic pool switching for you.

You can download this product anonymously by pressing the “download now” button. No checkout, no names, no limits. Welcome to freedom!


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